Pioneering industrial Pay-per-use financing models

Findustrial is the first independent platform where industrial companies can match their equipment projects with offers from competing financing partners


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Benefits for Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Reduce the investment hurdle for your customers (world-wide)!

Competitive Pay-per-use based financing solutions for your equipment offerings on a global scale.

Put yourself in the pole-position in your industry!

Suitable financing solutions powering your Equipment-as-a-Service offerings.

Act in your customers kitchen!

Real-time access to equipment usage data.

Be ahead of your competition!

First movers in each industry sector will benefit from even better terms.

Benefits for Operators

Get your projects started (world-wide)!

Reducing the investment hurdles for equipment projects on a global scale.

Make your CFO happy!

Reducing/Eliminating negative balance sheet effects (IFRS16)

You pay for the service, not the machine!

Transforming CAPEX (capital expenditure/fixed cost) to OPEX (operational expenditure/variable cost).

Higher uptime of your machine!

Increased transparency through real-time monitoring of equipment usage data, enabling better service & maintenance.

Benefits for Banks

Prepare your lending business for the digital era!

Fully digitized access to local industrial equipment projects.

Are you even prepared for automated matching of financial terms?

Standardized, pre-evaluated financing projects.

Power the industry instead of central banks!

Risk transfer to other partners fueling your lending business.

Be ahead of your competition!

First movers in each country/region will benefit from special terms.

Benefits for Investors

Generate proper returns depending on your risk appetite!

We open up a completely new asset class for investors.

Invest in equipment projects with automated risk/term matching!

Intelligent, AI driven business risk assessment helps you make the right decisions.

Securitization of financial instruments!

We give you the opportunity to trade your investments in the future!

Monitor the performance of your investments on a real-time basis!

Investor dashboards will give you the right overview.


The Team

Our Team consists of 50+ years of Industry as well as Finance experience.

Günter Hehenfelder

Günter Hehenfelder

CEO & Founder

Martin Gruber

Martin Gruber

CFO/COO & Founder

Christina Gruber

Christina Gruber

Finance, Legal & HR

Steven Schierlinger

Steven Schierlinger

Cloud Infrastructure & IIOT

Victoria Racher

Victoria Racher

Marketing & Communications

Thomas Kofler

Thomas Kofler

Strategic Advisor Platform Development

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