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"Machine Leasing: Data as the basis for repayment rates"

The "Internet of Things" makes it possible: A machine is permanently monitored and its data provides the basis for the leasing rates.

Source: OÖNachrichten

"Pay-per-Use: Findustrial enables innovative financing models"

Pay-per-Use and Pay-per-Part sound promising. The Austrian fintech start-up "Findustrial" goes one step further with its new platform for financing projects. We took a look behind the scenes.

Source: Reed Industry

"Milestone for Fintech Start-up"

The fintech start-up Findustrial successfully implemented a usage-based “Pay-per-Use” financing for a machine together with Erste Bank, Sparkasse OÖ and Inocon Technologie.

Source: WKO Oberösterreich

"The Subscription Heroes"

The “Equipment-as-a-Service” business model paves the way for manufacturers to a business with a long-term customer relationship. Findustrial proves that the subscription model can be transfered to the industry.

Source: Factory Net

What we achieved so far:

GO HONG KONG & SINGAPORE Fintech Week 2020

Findustrial got to the top 10 fintech start-ups at the event of the Singapore Europe Innovation Partnership Forum!

Out of hundreds of startups, and after a week of votes by the corporate partners of the Singapore Economic Development Board, we have been selected!

Cashwalk Event 2021

Findustrial won the Cashwalk pitch event of German Entrepreneurship in the category Data & Connectivity.

Alongside 50 other innovative Start-ups, we were selected for the best pitch in this category.

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