Meet Martin from the Findustrial Team!

Martin is one of our two founders of Findustrial and hence a so called early bird in the company. Martin is responsible for the Findustrial platform development (together with Thomas Kofler) and IOT connectivity as well as our Funding rounds as acting CFO of the company.  But now let him tell for himself: Who are […]

Meet Paul from the Findustrial team

 Paul Mandl joined our team in November 2020 as a Full-Stack-Developer, but currently he works most of his time on frontend tasks, as the conception of different platform components, or the general platform design.  But now let him tell for himself:  What’s the best thing about your job?  As a software engineer, I’m always searching for new challenges […]

Meet Alex from the Findustrial Team!

Alexander Steiner joined our team in September 2020 after six years in the tax industry. Alex brings his experience and knowledge to Findustrial and helps the team wherever he can. But now let him tell for himself: Who are you? Hi, I am Alexander, I started my education with the study of Business administration at the university of Linz (JKU). One of the major fields was the tax […]

Meet Thomas from the Findustrial Team!

Thomas Kofler joined our team first as advisor in internet platforms in January 2020 and becomes later the advisor for platform development. Thomas drives the software-based implementation of our platform. But now let him tell for himself: Who are you? My name is Thomas Kofler. I studied extra occupational Software Engineering at FH Hagenberg and […]

Meet Christina from the Findustrial Team!  

Christina Gruber joined our team in January 2020 and was the first team member next to our 2 founders. She is responsible for a lot of stuff which happens in the background as controlling, accounting, payments, contracts and human resources.    Some may think that is a dry working area but Christina is so passionate about […]

Meet Steven from the Findustrial Team!

Steven Schierlinger joined our team in March 2020 and is responsible for the IT infrastructure which includes everything from client security to Azure cloud technology and IOT connection.   No matter if there is a misleading IOT data stream or a general IT problem, Steven will fix it immediately or will not stop till it is solved.  But now let him tell for himself:  Who are you?  […]

Meet Vicky from the Findustrial Team!

Victoria Racher joined our team in March and has already secured her place in marketing, web and graphic design. Regardless of whether it is posts, articles, posters or just a presentation that needs a quick make-over, Vicky is there. But now let her tell for herself: Who are you? My name is Victoria Racher, but […]